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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


21st century is called as "Era of Science and Technology".Is it right to tell this?Have you ever though this before why people call this era as" Era of Science IMPROVEMENT IN TECHNOLOGYAnd Technology?"But with no further dilemma in your mind:this is in fact age of Science and technology.There is no need to explain why?You can judge by yourself by looking around naked eyes.What do you see around?Don't tell nature and its beauty.Besides that what do you see?Its the creation of great Scientists.

You are able to access the whole world by staying in a room;you can know about the Universe by just changing the channel of your television;you are able to communicate with people staying at South pole ,you being in North pole;you can go from one place to another without any discomfort...and lots and lots of more which you are using is boon given to us by the great Scientists.Life has become more easier,more faster and more safer which our forefathers were not able to observe.This reflect the development in technology.The development in technology has reached such height that it is difficult to think further improvement in technology.But hats off to those scientists who are continuously working day and night for helping ordinary people by bringing improvement in technology.

With advantages comes drawbacks.Einstein creation E=MC2 has been wrongly used by some dictators in making nuclear weapons.The invention of atom bomb is taking life of all living organism and destroying earth piece by piece .If this continues iIMPROVEMENT IN TECHNOLOGYn same ratio then we have to search another place to live.People are forgetting who they are and are behaving like animals who are even better than those humans who use their power in negative way.Killing each other for the sake of power is simply a cruel deed.People are fighting for short term pleasure and happiness.They are running behind wealth but they have forgotten the fact that when they rest in peace then they will take nothing with them.They will simply die taking nothing along with them.So,its useless to fight in name of wealth,fame cause these all are sort term things.

Despite all of this,the development of technology is so rapid that after few minutes new things are been discovered.The things which our ancestor could not use are been used by us and the things that we are not using will be used by our upcoming generation.This shows that improvement in technology is steady process which will take place till the end of Universe.There is no doubt that even after the end there will be a new beginning and beginning means further development of technology and finally its improvement.We human beings may leave this world but our creation such that technology will remain alive for ever and ever;and thus make us immortal.This shows how we have made our life safer and easier by discovering new technology and our willingness to invent more and improve them.


pathu said...

beautiful notes and i really learned so many things from this and it is very easy way to understand about improvement in technology.

priyanka said...

thanks you pathu so much...

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Thanks for your osm notes

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