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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Learning starts with a failure and first failure is step to education

Learning starts with a failure and first failure
Thomas Addison said ,"I will not tell that I have failed hundred times but I will tell I have found hundred ways of failure."So,by this statement we can analyze that failure is not humiliation but rather an opportunity for us to know different things.Thus,it would be wise to tell that learning starts with a failure and first failure is step to education.

Man is creation of nature.When he is born in this world,he comes with nothing.But gradually,he makes himself suitable for the hazards and beauty of this world.But first thing he does as a child is learn.But as a child he does not learn every thing in first step.He makes many mistake and finally get chance to learn that thing.In other words,he develops perfection with himself to understand that thing.From this also it can be inferred that learning starts with a mistake or rather with a failure.But failure does not mean to lose.Some time losing is greater than winning.To win is nothing but to rise in every failing is a great achievement.

Similarly,there are many great personality whose career started with a failure.Like Albert Einstein,known for his theory of relativity,made lots of effort to develop such wonderful creation.He did not succeed at once but tried thousands of time and finally got success.Same is with Thomas Elva Addison.He got failure thousand times but succeeded in thousand and a one time.For him failing was not losing but a way to learning.Similarly,Salman Waksman performed 1000 of experiments on bacteria and finally developed antibiotics Streptomycin.So,to learn something failing is a must.The more we fail,the more we get chance to learn.

However,there are some people who might tell that failing is not important to learn.One can learn without failing.For them there is popular saying of Albert Einstein:if anyone tells that he has not committed any mistake in life then it means he has not tried any thing new.Thus to those people this statement is a good example.So,being a human being,failing is part of our life.No one is perfect in this world.Even in Hindu Mythology,God has created several mistakes.So,it is futile to think that failing is losing.

Finally,failure is actually a key to success.A person who has failed several times has true value for success but for a person who has achieved success in first time has got less value for the same thing.Thus,learning start with a failure and first step to education.


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